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    Baoji Desiree Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in hydroelectric power plants, petroleum, chemical industry, water conservancy and other industries automated monitoring devices, instrumentation, sensors, transmitters, controllers in the development, production, sales and service in one of the specialized manufacturers .
   Our main products are: pressure, temperature, level, displacement, flow and other transmitters, switches, control instruments; conventional products, intelligent pressure control transmitter, temperature logging devices, integrated temperature controller, tooth residual pressure plate speed measuring device, multi-channel vibration monitoring device swing shaft current protection device, the shaft voltage monitoring devices, opening the controller, angle controller, pressure pulsation device, water alarm, flow switch, magnetostrictive sensors, fire alarm devices, solenoid valves, electric butterfly valve, electric valve, water filters and other 50 kinds of products hundreds of specifications.
    Company: "integrity, pioneering and innovative" spirit of enterprise, to achieve the "use technology to the pursuit of excellence, with sincere to create win-win" business philosophy. Through the tireless efforts of all staff, Xi'an Cinda Control Technology Co., Ltd. has grown to have the automation product research and development, manufacturing, systems integration, consulting services capabilities of specialized companies.

     Our products shelf life of three years, during which there is any quality problems, limited warranty, warranty, insurance and retirement services provide timely support, spare parts and technical support, in order to strengthen our focus on product quality management, innovation and technology development as the goal, to provide customers with superior performance, the operation more convenient, more reasonable installation humane products, and strive to do my best product quality performance to price services to our customers.
     We sincerely hope that the businessmen at home and abroad to establish a broad customer friendly business relationship, we will as always provide you with high quality products at competitive prices and excellent service. Cinda brand in order to achieve truly become the industry Jubi.
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